One seat travel sidecar mountable to most motorcycles.

Tubular frame, swingarm with 20 mm axis and progressive shock-absorber with stiffness setting.

Wheel with drum, 3.50 x 16" tire, 2.15 x 16" wheel. Step in front of the fender.

Sidecar is made from four fiber glass parts on top and one bottom part. Black bottom part is made from rougher, structured material that is resistant againts road chips. Upper part and fender is painted black as standart. It is possible to customize the sidecar color to match the motorcycle color. The front of the sidecar is open-able for easy getting in and out.

Anatomically shaped seat and back is made from water-resistant synthetic leather. Behind the seat back is lockable luggage trunk. There is a foot rest made for better comfort in the front of the sidecar. On the floor there is a removable carpet. Entrance to the sidecar can be covered by tonneau cover.

Accessories that can be added: 

  • luggage rack
  • front brush guard
  • tonneau cover
  • rain roof
  • chrome accessories

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